Young Singers in Harmony Festival, October 21, 2023

Young Singers in Harmony Festival, October 21, 2023
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Date Posted: Sun, 27 Aug 2023

The Hearts of Harmony Chorus is thrilled to host a day of

a cappella harmony:

A workshop introducing 

young singers between 10 and 25

to the art of barbershop singing.


Do you love to sing? Are you a young singer between the ages of 10 and 25? This day is for you!
This is an all-day workshop. We will begin the day promptly at 10 am on Saturday. All participants should plan to arrive at Gaetz United Church by 9:45 am on Saturday morning. A map and detailed schedule will be sent with your music after you have registered.
The cost of the day is $40. Lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided for participants. As well your registration, the fee covers the cost of music and the clinician for the day.
After dinner there will be a show that will feature the workshop chorus plus the Hearts of Harmony Chorus and other special guests. Admission is by donation and you should invite your fans to come cheer you on!

What can I expect the day to be like?

Our Clinicians for the day will be Patti Thorpe and Sheryl Brook. Patti is from Langley, BC where she teaches choir, band and musical theatre at Langley Secondary School and codirects the Langley Children’s Choir. She is a proud member and baritone section leader of the Westcoast Harmony Chorus. She was the Sweet Adeline International Music Educator of the Year in 2016 and is the Young Singers in Harmony Coordinator for Western Canada.  Sheryl is the director of the Red Deer Hearts of Harmony and has many years of experience directing, coaching and teaching vocal skills to choruses and community groups.  

We will have a full day of vocal instruction, singing, rehearsing, singing, learning choreography and of course, more singing.

You will be sent a link to download the sheet music and audio learning tracks for the workshop songs once you register for the workshop. This will help you learn and become familiar with the music before the workshop. It will be important to learn your music BEFORE theworkshop so that you will be prepared for rehearsals and activities.

Adults who are bringing students to the workshop whether they are teachers, parents, chorus members, or chaperones, are welcome to observe all or part of the workshop activities. Please contact for further information on this opportunity.

How do I register?

To get a registration form or further information please contact or you can contact Cathy at 403 350 7154

Information on how to pay the workshop fee will be sent with the registration form. Workshop details will be sent once your payment is received.

What is Barbershop Harmony?
Barbershop is a type of a cappella singing that has is 4 vocal parts, which are called Tenor, Lead, Baritone, and Bass.    
How do you know what part I sing?
Tenor: sings a harmony part, usually above the lead. Range from F above middle C to the A above the next C. This part requires a light clear tone.

Lead: sings the melody. Range for Bb below middle C to the E in the treble clef top space.

Baritone: completes the harmony by singing above or below the lead. Range from the A below middle C to the C in the third space of the treble clef.

Bass: sings the lowest part and provides the foundation to the music. Range from F or G below middle C to the G above.
The three
harmony parts (baritone, bass and tenor) support the lead to ensure that the melody is easily recognized and that the group produces a unit sound in which no voice part stands out. If you not sure what part to sing, choose more than one and we will place you according to the balance of the group. We generally limit numbers in the tenor part and ALWAYS need more basses

For further information and a registration form, please contact or call Cathy at 403 350 7154

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