For further information please contact Donna at (403) 352-7304 or email her at


You will fit in with our chorus! You really will. Do you realize that about 98% of those who sing with us have never taken a previous singing lesson! If you haven’t either, then please know that you belong here…just like the rest of us!

What is cool about barbershop is that it is an art form that is MEANT to be performed by the regular untrained voice. (Of course, OUR forte is training those voices!)

Also, you might not know that only 60% of our chorus members can read music. If you can’t or don’t, no worries. We have ways of helping you out!!

If you think your voice is too high or too low, again, NO WORRIES. We sing 4 part acapella harmony which accommodates high voices, low voices and everything in between.

We meet every Monday evening at 6:30 at the Church of Christ in Davenport(68 Donlevy Ave). If you come at 6:00, we will answer any questions you may have. Or, phone Donna at 403-352-7304 or email: 

Experience the JOY OF SINGING. It’s worth it!!
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